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Eastern Oklahoma Wellness Center

At Eastern Oklahoma Wellness Center, our mission is to improve the lives of the patients we serve. Our Chiropractors have been serving the Tulsa community since 2002.

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Chiropractic Care

Our Chiropractors treat patients through manual adjustments and manipulations of the spine and provide a custom care program to obtain your health goals.

Nutrition Counseling

A your trusted Tulsa Chiropractor, when it comes to nutritional advice, we provide you with everything you need to know specific for your needs.

Qualified Doctors

Receive the chiropractic care you deserve from Tulsa Chiropractor Dr. Beeler, Dr. Bradley, Dr. Peery, Dr. Riley and our caring staff

Auto Injuries

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, our experienced Tulsa chiropractors can help you evaluate, treat and rehabilitate your accident injuries.

Meet our Tulsa Chiropractors

The chiropractic techniques that are offered at Eastern Oklahoma Wellness Center are included but not limited to: Diversified Adjusting, Thompson Drop technique, Activator technique, Prone Specific technique, Gonstead technique, Trigger Point Release, and Webster technique. Eastern Oklahoma Wellness Center offers many additional services including physical therapy, acupuncture, corrective exercises, lifestyle advice, nutritional counseling, and massage therapy. Please contact us today for more information.

Tulsa Chiropractor Dr. Mark Peery
Tulsa Chiropractor | Dr. Mark Peery

After receiving a Bachelor of Science degree from Northeastern State University, Dr. Peery attended Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City, MO. While working in the school’s clinic, Dr. Peery witnessed firsthand the body’s amazing healing

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Dr. Ben Beeler Chiropractor in Tulsa
Tulsa Chiropractor | Dr. Ben Beeler

Dr. Ben Beeler is from Jenks, Oklahoma. Dr. Beeler attended chiropractic school at Parker Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas; he graduated in 2003 at the top of his class. Upon graduation, Dr. Beeler chose Tulsa as the home for his chiropractic practice

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Tulsa Chiropractor Dr. Travis Bradley
Tulsa Chiropractor | Dr. Travis Bradley

Dr. Travis Bradley is a graduate of Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City, MO, where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree as well as his Doctorate of Chiropractic. Upon graduation he returned to the Tulsa area with his wife, Alissa.

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Tulsa Chiropractor | Dr. Shavonda Pannell

Dr. Shavonda Pannell attended Jackson State University where she received her B.S. in Biology Pre-Physical Therapy and later received her Doctorate of Chiropractic Degree in April 2012 from Logan College of Chiropractic. She has received specialized training and credentialing

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What patients say About Eastern Oklahoma Wellness Center

What do patients who have a visited a Tulsa Chiropractor at EOWC have to say about their experience and results.

  • Jenny - Tulsa Chiropractor Review

    "Dr. Bradley is an amazing chiropractor who truly cares about his patients. My husband and I have received excellent care from Dr. Bradley for several years and we have seen the improvement in our back strength. We never hesitate to recommend him to our family and friends!"

  • Malinda - Tulsa Chiropractic Review

    "I have seen Dr. Bradley for a little over a year now for back and neck pain, and I feel so much better. He has a very gentle technique and a fantastic bedside manner that makes me feel comfortable. I have highly recommended him to family and friends who love him too, and would recommend him to anyone in need of a great chiropractor in Tulsa."

  • Ginger - Review Dr. Bradley Tulsa Chiropractor

    "Our family of 5 have been patients of Chiropractor Dr. Bradley for at least 5 years and we can't say enough about him. Dr. Bradley takes the time to listen and work on sore areas until relief comes. We are living proof that chiropractic manipulation can help the healing process in all sorts of situations. If you injury one part of the body which throws other parts out, he can bring everything back into alignment. Just last week I had an ear infection that he was able to treat and help it feel better the same day. My children actually ask to go to him when they hurt. He also has been very patient and accommodating as one of our children is autistic and can be quite challenging at times. We have recommended his services to family, friends, co-workers and will definitely continue to do so."

  • Terry - Review Tulsa Chiropractor Dr. Peery

    For 10 years I suffered with pain in my tailbone and left shoulder from a fall I had while running. I had seen several doctors ranging from orthopedic surgeons to chiropractors with no relief. A friend recommended Dr. Peery to me. I decided to give doctors one last shot. After Dr. Peery analyzed my condition and began treatment, I began to notice results almost immediately. I also notice how much Dr. Peery and his staff truly cared about me and my progress. Dr. Peery has made the quality of my life so much more than it would have ever been and I always thank God for my friend recommending Dr. Peery to me."

  • Debbie. Tulsa Chiropractor Dr. Peery review

    "I recently came to Tulsa Chiropractor Dr. Peery due to ongoing lower and upper back pain as well as wrist and ankle pains. I had had chiropractic care in the past but had not gotten satisfactory results. A fellow student recommended Dr. Peery to me and convinced me to give him a chance. Dr. Peery evaluated me and put me on a program to relieve my problems. After a few visits, I began to notice a difference. Upon completion of my treatment plan, I was able to do activities I hadn't been able to perform in years. I would recommend Dr. Peery to others who need not only pain relief, but also strengthening of their skeletal system for a healthy, active life."

  • Susan - Tulsa Chiropractic review

    I am a 55 year old patient of Dr. Beeler. I came to Dr. Beeler because of stomach and allergy problems as well as headaches I have been dealing with since the age of 12. After several treatments, my frequent headaches have gone from 2-3/week to 2-3/month. My allergy problem is almost non-existent. My stomach problems are even improving as well. I am so thankful for Dr. Beeler and what he has done for me! Being pain free is such a blessing! When anyone asks me about a Chiropractor in Tulsa I always recommend Dr. Beeler"

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